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About the Artist

Introduced to piano at the age of 7, Candace immediately took to the classical world of Sonatinas and composers like Kuhlau and Beethoven. As the years went on, her playing interests expanded to the more contemporary, neoclassical styles of Dirk Maassen, Ludovico Einaudi, and others. 

She largely kept piano to herself as a private passion and source of release until 2019 after reconnecting to the musician community in her hometown of Chicago.  Inspired by these artists, she began to compose her own songs; pulling from her traditional classical training and integrating it with contemporary sound and melody.

She prefers that her songs pull from specific experiences; to tell a story through an instrument and to exude emotion and depth. As a result, many of her compositions have accompanying lyrics or poetry that she wrote and that played a major assist in how each melody was created.  

Her debut album, Sketches from the Dark, highlights her style of classical contemporary "storytelling."  

Blog Thoughts

The plight of the full time worker/musician 

For the better of the last decade, I've been trying to balance work, fitness, keeping my skills sharp and learning new pieces from favorite composers to stay challenged. To say it's been a monumental effort is an understatement. After  deciding to get my yoga instructor certification 8 years ago and teach classes here in Chicago, it only intensified the effort I had to put into fitting all 3 of my key life activities equally into my daily schedule.

During the majority of the 6 years I taught yoga on top of…

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New Album in Draft 

Over the spring, I started working on Album #2. I'm really excited to report that I have about 4 songs nearing their final versions soon and 2 songs currently in draft! 

For the songs and style of this Album, I've really tried to focus on slowing down, giving myself grace with complexity of songs. I sort of translate this to the phase of life I'm in now - slowing down and giving myself grace in general.

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