I believe the most beautiful part of music is the story behind each song that an artist chooses to share. Whether instrumental or with lyrics, it's the emotion and meaning behind each note that connects us to the artist, to each other, and to ourselves.” - Candace Nicol

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Candace Nicol is a pianist and composer from Chicago. Classically trained for 10 years, performing, competing and earning her membership as part of the National Piano Guild, she eventually found her path with the Neoclassical/Contemporary style of piano.

She began composing her own songs in 2018 and released her first two part single in 2021 and first EP Album in 2022. 

Since 2019, Candace has completed multiple solo shows, performed as the opening artist for local bands, served as the gig pianist for cocktail hours and corporate events and weddings, and held a 2 year residency at a popular cafe and outdoor patio located in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood. 

Her most recent projects in motion include a collaborative EP with a progressive rock band based in the UK and finalizing her second album - a series of work on reflection and grief. 

For 2024, Candace is planning and coordinating a small string of solo shows in Chicago that will showcase 90s alternative rock covers - in her own contemporary classical interpretation - along with debuting some of her newest singles.



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